7 jquery datepicker skins

CSS3 skins for jQuery UI datepicker

There are number of things to be considered when you are building a web form. Datepicker is one of them. But how do you style it? Usually, the styling is time-consuming  and requires a lot of effort to create a beautiful looking datepicker. In this article, you will find some great-looking skins for styling a datepicker.


Siena Datepicker Skin


siena - datepicker skins

Get the CSS


La Toja Datepicker Skin

la-toja datepicker skin

Get the CSS


Santiago Datepicker Skin

santiago datepicker skin

Get the CSS


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Lugo datepicker Skin

lugo datepicker skin

Get the CSS


Cangas Datepicker Skin

cangas datepicker skin

Get the CSS


Vigo Datepicker Skin


vigo datepicker skin

Get the CSS


Nigran Datepicker Skin

nigran datepicker skin

Get the CSS


How to implement the Skins

To use them, start by copying the .datepicker.css files you need as well as the images in the images folder. Then add the appropriate classes to your datepickers. See below for a complete list of the available skins.

Check index.html for examples.

Get all the the skins and check the examples


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