7 reasons your website is not good enough

7 reasons your website is not good enough

Being a business owner is quite hard as there are so many things to consider and do. Having a good website is just one item on the list but it is quite important. Especially in the digital age.

Like it or not, nowadays, people tend to search for information online before taking the decision to work with you or make purchases.

Therefore, it is more than crucial to have a good website which is visually pleasing, concise in presenting your services or products, fast enough and last but not least, looks good on mobile devices.

If you have a website but still you do not receive enough business through it, here is a list of 7 issues which might be the reason why your business website is not good enough for your clients:

1. It is slow

Having a fast loading website is more than necessary. In a video, Google answers the question how long it should take for a website to load and the answer is “from 500 milliseconds to 2 seconds at most.” Users just do not have the time, they are impatient and want everything to happen in a blink of an eye.

How to fix?

Optimization! If you have lots of images, optimize them. If you are running a WordPress site, do not install plugins for every single thing. Instead, invest some money in a good designer/developer to build the features you want to have. Use a CDN to deliver content such as images, videos and JavaScript files.


Tip: Use PageSpeed Tools by Google to test the performance of your website.

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2. Not mobile friendly

You should be well aware of the fact that users are using their mobile phone for browsing, socializing, making purchases or searching information. In 2015, SimilarWeb conducted a research which revealed that 56 percent of consumer traffic to the leading US websites is now from mobile devices. I imagine that in 2016 the figures will be different and probably an increase in this percentage is expected.

Also, a while ago, Google stated that site which are not looking good on mobile will be penalized. Which means that the mobile friendly websites will perform better in search results.

How to be mobile friendly?

Whether you are starting from scratch or amending a current website, being mobile friendly is not that difficult. A good designer or developer will be able to advise and help in achieving a good-looking mobile website.


Tip: Use Mobile-Friendly Test by Google to see if your website is good for mobile devices.

3. Content is not up to date

Being up to date is important. Not only for Google and other search engines but for your visitors as well. Old information such as promos, offers and services says to your visitors that you are not committed enough and you are not taking your job seriously.

How to be fresh?

Try to update information regularly, especially if you have new products or services. A company blog is a great idea for showing customers you are developing or taking care of them. You do not need to post articles every day. Once or twice a week is enough.

You can also update promo banners regularly by presenting services and features in different ways. A good designer would be able to help you with that.

4. Not enough or too much information

Clear informational about your products, services and your business will be appreciated by potential consumers. Restrain yourself from putting too much information as well. Consumers have short attention span, they are well informed and research so you have to be concise and up to the point.

How to determine the right amount of information?

You should strive for some balance here as users hate scarce information as much as too much of it. Focus on the benefits of your services or products. Tell the visitors what is good about your business. Be a storyteller.


Gitman Bros. are selling high quality garments and they seem to have a little story for every piece they sell.

5. Contact info is hard to find

One of the most frustrating things of all is to look for contact information and able to find it quickly. It happens all of the time. Users want to see contact information right away, on the home page.

How to fix?

Have a dedicated place on home page or on every page of your website where you list your email, phone number and address. It can be in the header of your website or in the footer area. Visitors know their way around so they will expect certain information to be at established places.


Edward Green have their contact info on the top of their website in a noticeable place where users can see it.

6. Failing to guide the user (CTAs)

As you are a storyteller on your website, you should guide your visitors and show them the right direction. First and foremost, you should think about what actions do you want visitors to take. E.g. purchase a product, give their email address, download a document… After figuring out, adding a call to action in different places should be able to guide the users to take the next step.


Amazon has two CTAs position on this page, positioned one below other (primary – yellow and secondary – gray) guiding users to next actions available

7. Testimonials section is missing

Users like to read about previous experiences as it helps them take a decision or form an opinion. A lot of users are using search engines before taking purchase decisions to help them determine the quality of a product or services. Reviews help companies to have more credibility.

How to fix?

Ask some of your happy customers to review your services or products. Ask them to be honest, to say what they do or don’t like. False praise and flattery won’t do you good. If you have a Facebook page, you can ask them to review you there.

If you have recognizable brands as clients, it won’t do any harm to contact them to ask if you can put their logo on your website. Having a nice stripe with some familiar logos will also add up to your overall trustworthiness and integrity.


Interaction Design Foundation has two top recognizable figures (Forbes and Don Norman) above the fold to immediately evoke credibility.

A good, mobile friend and maintained website speaks to online visitors in a positive way. It means that you are serious about your business and you care for your customers. A good business website is the way you communicate with potential clients and it is how you present yourself to the public.

These steps may seem a bit overwhelming but if you take it one step at a time and strive for better performance you will be rewarded eventually. Do not be afraid to ask visitors for feedback and do not get offended if reviews are harsh. Their feedback is the force that will make you become better. Knowing users will determine your strategy and predict their needs which is crucial nowadays.

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