Divas Slider – A multipurpose & responsive slider solution

Divas is a new multipurpose responsive slider that reacts beautifully on desktop and handheld devices.

Divas Slider is quite different in appearance from most of the sliders and it has some distinctive features which might make you consider trying it.

Divas Slider – A multipurpose & responsive slider solution
It is easily and fully customizable as you can style everything with CSS and then use the slider options. The CSS3 transitions for the slides and captions fallback with jQuery for the old browsers. The fully responsive layout can be adjusted in percentages and it is touch enabled. You can also have unlimited number of sliders and you can navigated endlessly in both directions as it is a two ways slider.

Divas Slider – A multipurpose & responsive slider solution

The slider also can be used as a full screen slider and the slideshow can be started automatically. Lazy image loading is incorporated which makes the performance even better. There are also callback functions which allow you to choose the behavior of the user such as what to do before slide, after slide or on click. Detailed documentation is also included so you will have no hard time implementing it.


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