Iconmelon – SVG icons lib for the web

It was a matter of time something so useful to appear on the web. Iconmelon is the source for SVG icons on the web. If you are a busy designer you are aware of the importance of the icons nowadays. This raises the question of what is the most convenient and efficient way to use icons. The best of all would be if you are able to manage the icons via CSS. And when saying manage it means to play with the colours, states and sizes. Well, this is the point that you might want to consider using SVG icons because they will give you the freedom you want.

Iconmelon is a library of icons that you might want to try as it has lots of different SVG icons available and what’s more, they are free. You just need to download some icons of your choice, then follow the instructions and you are ready. Easy? Also, when you are choosing your icons you can select some additional effects that are available there. Such as inset shadow, drop hard shadow, emboss , blurry or color shadows. Not bad at all…

Iconmelon also gives an opportunity to payback to the design community and support them in order to improve the web. If you have any icons, just submit them under open source license and you will help iconmelon grow.

Meanwhile, you can try using SVGs and do not forget to share iconmelon with your friends.

Iconmelon  - SVG icons lib for the web

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