What will be the biggest web design trends in 2015?

Trends are blessing and curse at the same time. If you use them too much you are doomed to be punished by the users as they always are the final judge. If you do not follow them you are going to have the same fate.

Balance is the key and following the trends does not always mean beautiful and accessible design. Usability is the most important factor that all designers and developers have to bear in mind in their creative work.

At the end of every year, web designers begin to wonder and speculate about what will change in web design the next year. Up to now responsive web design along with the flat design trend are dictating the rules and it seems that things are not going to change. Also, in 2014, CSS animations spread across the web together with parallax scrolling, video backgrounds, one page design and 3D CSS. Flat style illustrations also proliferated all over the web.
But how the web is going to look like in year to come? Here are some things to think about:

Less is more

Simplicity will take over as the focus will be on usability rather than just creating pretty web elements. The user centered approach will prevail and everything will have meaning whether it will be the color accent or the motion. Also, there is trend that content will be less and right to the point instead of long bulky paragraphs explaining what is all about.

Stock vs Natural-looking Photos

Genuineness will be the focus here. In most of the cases stock images are inauthentic and do not seem to represent real emotions and stories. As the image is worth 1000 words, the focus will be the image to convey authenticity and enhance the overall look and feel by being believable.


As people tend to use mobile devices extensively and on-the-go, parallax scrolling will continue to thrive as they do not have to make multiple clicks. People want everything to happen fast without wasting time.

Vibrant colours

Contrast and bold colours will be used in the coming year. Also, announcement of unusual color combinations will be something to be given a try by designers. Accent colours will be vivid and bold, while there will be hues that will complement the overall look and feel. Light and dark themes also will be incorporated.


Again the focus in presenting and using animations will be in the authenticity in motion. The motion will be meaningful and targeted to be as understandable as possible and reinforcing user actions. Animations will be done as natural as possible especially in mobile interfaces to complement the user interaction upon touch.

Mobile-like menus

There is already an extensive use of using mobile menus even on desktop screen sizes. Obviously, the future trend is to simplify the web and it is not a surprise that mobile menus are so widely adopted. Displaying the menu with a simple icon saves a lot of space and changes the layout as we all know it but there is a question how the users will react to it…

Hand-make vector illustrations

There is a certain change in vector illustrations in 2014. They become more descriptive and it seems that they tell stories rather than just illustrating simple objects.

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Handwritten typography

It appears that handwritten typography really appeals to people and we are witnessing that the number of websites using it continue to grow. Perhaps, it is because it adds a personal voice to the design and also suggests the retro notion.

Minimal icons

Probably, minimal icons will be used a lot more as they present information in a very simple way. Flat icons also will be used but according to the industry the heavy long shadows and backgrounds will be removed but still they will have the trendy effect. Gradients probably won’t be used at all.

The trends explained above result from recent articles about web design trends, comments from web designers and developers and current popular tendencies used and the ones that are being launched.

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